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The Biggest Loser is an American reality TV show that debuted on NBC on October 19, 2004.  Now, it’s your turn to conquer DDTIK and Whiteport’s version of The Biggest Loser. The game is essentially a race to see who can lose weight the fastest.  Our game has a twist though because it follows a group based format. This is all in line with management’s desire to cultivate a healthy in the employees.


Contest Rules and Mechanics:

  1. The contestants will be divided into teams, the goal of each team is to motivate every team member to contribute to the reduction of its cumulative weight every month throughout the duration of the contest. All employees are members of a team.
  2. There will be 10 groups from DDTKI and 5 from WPI. (Each team must choose their own name).
  3. There will be two categories for this contest.
  4. The job of each team member is to contribute and support to the cumulative weight loss of all the Challengers.Challengers – Those with above average BMI

  1. Supporters – Those with an average BMI are expected to provide assistance to their teammates in meeting the goal of weight reduction. This includes giving tips on healthy eating habits, doing exercise by team etc.
  2. The team’s base weight recorded before the contest proper will be used as the initial cumulative weight in every month’s computation.
  3. The team with the biggest percentage of weight loss will be declared as the Biggest Loser.
  4. In cases wherein the qualifier will separate or resign from the company, the weight of that employee will be based on he/she’s last weight record.
  5. In cases wherein the qualifier transfers project assignment, he/she will still be monitored and will remain in their respective team.