Health, Safety & Environment Policy





Whiteport is a responsible construction company that integrates personnel health and safety, and environmental protection in its operations and services.


 In line with our corporate objective of sustainable development and social responsibility, we endeavor to safeguard the health and safety of our people, and to leave a positive environmental legacy in all our suppliers and members in the workplace.  We commit to:


  • Comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements the company subscribes to; the requisites of our integrated management system; and the need for transparency in reporting;
  • Employ appropriate construction technology and good practice that shall effectively minimize the adverse effects of the company's operations and services to the well-being of personnel and to the environment;
  • Provide our employees, project officers, and staff appropriate training and support, thereby maintaining a responsible workforce that is healthy, safe and environment-conscious;
  • Continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management System, and our performance by pursuing meaningful objectives, targets, and programs aimed at preventing injury and ill-health in the workplace and the degradation of the environment.



The Management shall lead in the effective implementation of the company's integrated management system.  All employees and partners, within the control of the company, shall strictly adhere to all HSE standards, rules and regulations, procedures and instructions to promote international standards for workplace health and safety, and environmental protection.



  •  To continuously support and enhance the well-being of our hard-working workforce, leading to perfection in all areas of our operation.


  • To steadfastly strive to provide good service to our clients through quality and timely delivery by pursuing excellence in our direct production system.


  • To remain trusted in servicing the needs of our clients.


  • To continuously enhance a management vision, so as to remain, GOD-willing, a strong partner in the development of our country and society.


Whiteport puts emphasis on the efficiency of direcproduction which is the backbone of every successful construction undertaking.  The company is proficient in direct production – putting all the construction necessities in line – good site management, sufficient logistics and a competent personnel.  All these – including integrity, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction – serve as the guiding principles in delivering projects that are high quality, on-time, and safe.


  • customer satisfaction
  • quality
  • pursuit of excellence
  • integrity
  • social responsibility